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Free licences & exclusive discounts for Chubb Cyber Policy Holders

DynaRisk has pioneered the world’s first Personal Security Score. DynaRisk’s platform gives anyone a tailored security score along with simple actions to take to reduce their risk.

How DynaRisk helps protect you from cyber crime.

Assess Your Risk.

Everyone faces a different level of risk online, we determine your Personal Security Score and tailor your protection accordingly.

Scan & Alerts

We scan your devices for vulnerabilities, check to see if your personal information has been stolen and shared on the Dark Web, train you how to spot scam emails and more.


We tell you what to do to protect yourself and your family, how to do it and give you the tools you'll need.

Protect high risk executives or staff at work or at home.

Security Score

Security Score

Find out your level of personal cyber risk and what to do about it.

Data Breach Monitoring

Data Breach Monitoring

Alert staff if they get exposed in a data breach.

Phishing training

Phishing Training

Train users to spot phishing emails so they don't get hacked.



Help users find and fix common vulnerabilities on their personal or work devices.

Over 100 tailored actions
to improve your score.

35% risk reduction
in 30 days.

60%-70% risk reduction
after 6 months.