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This is your Personal Security Score

It tells you the level of risk you face online.

These are your alerts

This area shows you the really important things that we've found that you need to fix to improve your Security Score.

These alerts are sorted according to their severity with the most important ones on top

Your Security Scans

This area shows the regular security scans that we run to monitor your personal information and devices.

Your Security Scorecard

Here we tell you your level of protection in each area of cyber security.

Track Your Progress

You may have a few things to do to protect yourself so we help you track your progress over time.

Monitor Multiple Devices

This section lets you add more devices to your profile for monitoring and shows you the actions you need to take for each of them.

View Your Actions

See what actions you need to take to protect yourself and how to do them. We'll show you how to fix vulnerabilities, install the right security software and so much more!